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My week so far.

Hello everyone from Texas, the land of a thousand inches of rain. It seems like that since October we haven’t had three straight days of sunshine.

Rain, rain, go away. If it keeps raining my yard may quickly look like this:

Well, enough of that.

I hope everyone has had an interesting week. I’m sorry for all of you who have been affected by the flooding. My week so far:

Sunday: I woke up Sunday feeling sick to my stomach. By that night, I had downed two NyQuil’s and passed out to the point where Susan and the dogs had to poke me to make sure I was okay.

Monday: I slept 14 hours between Sunday night and Monday. I woke up and made my way to the couch where I didn’t move until it was time for bed.

Tuesday: Around 630am, our little China, who as you all know is very old, fell off our bed and acted for awhile like she couldn’t move her back legs. We feared the worst. Susan picked her up, massaged her and held her for a bit, and miraculously, she started walking again. She went outside for her morning business and everything. She is still sore today but that scared the crap out of us.

Today, two days later, she is climbing steps and walking around like nothing happened. I swear that dog is SuperDog.

I felt a little better Tuesday morning considering everything that had happened. I ate an okay breakfast, and so I went to work.

Unfortunately, the heavens opened up on my way to Atascocita and well, let’s just say by the time I got off at 11pm, I was lucky I was able to get home. I had to go the back way to get home because the two main entrances to the neighborhood were impassable. I could not get to sleep when I got home because it was still raining pretty good and things were hitting the house (like pine combs and small branches, nothing bad but still).

Wednesday: I’m feeling better, and so I was able to work. We thought that we would get more rain but it kind of fizzled out. Unfortunately now, I think Susan Thompson has what I am still getting over.

Oh and all this going on while I’m finishing grading for the semester.

This weekend is supposed to be a fun one weather-wise.

Let’s see what today brings.

Have a nice week everyone.

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