Symptoms Experienced While Detoxing – Nuzum’s Nutraceuticals

I seem to be going through all of these right now. #FightorFlight

It is normal to experience some side effects while detoxing. Typically, the more toxins there are in your body to expel, the more side effects you can expect to experience. When you offer your body nutritious foods, supplements and digestive aids to help your organs push out waste, your body goes into minor shock. It has adapted to a certain level of toxicity and when those toxins are removed, the body tends to resist.Rest assured that experiencing symptoms is a good sign. Your detoxification program is working. Your body working hard to rid itself of impurities, toxins, parasites and any imbalances and to heal itself from the inside out. Much like having a fever is a sign of your body fighting infection, you may experience some of the following symptoms as your body works to establish a new level of well-being. Bowel Disruption:More than likely, this will be the number one issue for those that are going through the detox process. Detoxing directly affects our digestive system and organs that aid in the elimination of toxins. During the first two to three days of your detox, you can expect to experience frequent bowel movements as waste is moved from your intestine and colon. Diarrhea and constipation have also been known to occur.Headaches:Some people will experience just a dull headache the first couple of days of their detox, some have complained of migraines throughout the length of the program and some don’t experience any headaches at all. Other causes for headaches can be dehydration, tension carried in the shoulders and neck, and withdrawal from caffeine and/or sugar. Headaches can also arise from a combination of these issues. Knowing that you might experience them makes headaches during this time easier to deal with. Gas and Bloating:As your body tries to reach a neutral state, it can create gases that will cause you to bloat and have excessive flatulence. It is another way that the body is ridding itself of waste. Trying to prevent yourself from passing gas during a detox can result in a upset stomach and digestive problems. Although not pleasant, you should rid yourself of this gas whenever possible. Skin Irritation:As toxins work their way out of our gut, organs and bloodstream, they are expelled either through our bowel movements or through the pores of our skin. The toxins being released can irritate the skin and create hives or rashes. You may experience skin breakouts as dirt and toxins are attempting to exit your body through your pores. Fatigue:Your body is working hard during a cleanse. The processes that are taking place in your gut and organs are more than your body is used to dealing with on a day-to-day basis. You can expect to feel fatigued as toxins exit your system and your body works to heal itself from things such as leaky gut, irritable bowel syndrome, and works towards balancing its own pH levels. Mood Swings:The great news is that some have reported feelings of euphoria during the time that they detox. They have claimed that their mind feels clearer than ever, and as if they are on a blissful cloud. Others experience bouts of irritability and moodiness. The disruption that is happening internally can show up externally in the shape of a foul mood or a quick temper. Be aware of what your body is doing and how your mind feels, and you maintain control of your actions. Cravings:As your body eliminates foods you have grown to depend on (such as sugar, caffeine and processed foods), it will crave them. Many people tell us they crave random items that they did not eat regularly before their detox. You may experience stomach cramps as the residual waste is expelled from your body and your digestive system learns to absorb nutrients of foods that are new to you. Stick with your decision, and don’t give into cravings. Instead, replace them with healthy choices. Other symptoms may include:
Stomach crampsRestlessnessInsomniaSinus congestionLow-grade feverCold or flu-like symptomsAnxietyPushing through slightly uncomfortable moments during your detox time can mean a healthier you in the end. However, if any side effects become too severe, try weaning yourself off of things you are trying to eliminate instead of cutting them out completely– especially if this is your first time detoxing. Listen to your body and what it needs to be healthy. This is important to remember whether it is your first detox or if you detox four times a year. Each time you detox, the symptoms should become less severe.
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