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Space City 2019 Fantasy Baseball

This is the first year that I will be the Commissioner of a Fantasy Baseball League. I decided to do this because one of my bosses who handles this thing every year seems to be busier than usual. I’m coming at this late in the game because I kept reminding him that the first regular season games technically start March 20, 21 in Japan when the Oakland Athletics play the Seattle Mariners. After the series in Japan, the rest of the teams start their regular season schedules on March 28. My work colleagues and I didn’t get a response so we decided to just go ahead and start the league ourselves and I would play the role as Commissioner.

Space City 2019 is the name of the league. We already have a few participating. I have a few more slots left open. Our draft will be held this Sunday at 2PM and will last about an hour. If you want to join our league, click on this link. Once the slots fill up, I’ll let everyone know that our league is full.

The Link for the Space City 2019 Fantasy Baseball League is below:

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