The First MLB Drug Test And The Other Side Of Branch Rickey

A vicious rumor cost him his career and essentially got him black balled from the league. Rumors of steroids, rumors of marijuana use. Players black balled from league. Sound familiar?

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I was the first player drug-tested in baseball, and I am the one who asked for it.” – Babe Dahlgren

The BBWAA’s stance on The Steroid Era is well-known. They have made that very clear. There are folks on both sides of the issue. Many feel that the lack of evidence supporting the exclusion of players like Mike Piazza and Jeff Bagwell based on rumors they may have used PEDs is an injustice.

Let’s face it, we also live in an era where its hard to imagine people choosing integrity over the millions that can be made with the popping og a pill or the injecting of a needle. These players may indeed be innocent, and if they are, they have the power, resources and platform to defend themselves.

Some other players never got that opportunity.

There was another player who once took a drug test, the first one in known baseball…

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