Never to Early for a Good Halloween Story

Its never to early for a good Halloween story and since we are only 19 days away (19, there it is again, weird huh? Stephen King Dark Tower Fans will get that last reference). Anyway, some say that Halloween is the most wonderful time of the year and what a better way to get the season going with a funny monster story.

Here is a funny story called The Funeral (1955) from Richard Matheson, the man who wrote I am Legend. The Funeral is a hilarious look at what can happen when monsters “Go Wild” at a funeral service. If you have a few minutes in between TPS reports at work or if you can pry away from Facebook for a few minutes, then check out this brief 10 page story. It reads fast and is pretty funny. Besides, who needs TPS reports anyway.

Here is a short review of the story from The World’s Greatest Critic (

The Funeral (1955)

This “Tasty” tale of a Monster’s self-planned wake in an ordinary funeral home features a who’s-who of misbehaving Ghouls and is as funny as it is well-paced. Not-too-long, but not-too-short either, this is Matheson at his self-aware, humorous, scary and inventive best! Picture “The Crypt Keeper” introducing this one, and you’ll get the comedy!

Click on the link below. I didn’t want to type out the story so I just uploaded this PDF so hopefully it doesn’t take too much time to load.


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